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First of all, what is time management ?

Time management refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities.

The highest achievers manage their time remarkably well. By following these time-management tips, you can improve considerably your productivity.

Indeed, good time management is mainly about keeping you focused and productive, from activities to results: being busy isn’t the same as being effective. The trick is to organize your tasks and use your time effectively to get more things done each day.


time management


What are the benefits of a good time management ?

  • Greater productivity

  • Greater efficiency

  • Less stress

  • Greater opportunities to achieve important life and career goals.

  • Good time management skills enables to save a precious time in the future. Using your time more effectively will permit you to have enough time to do everything that you want to, and finish your tasks in time.

10 tips to help you maximize your time management skills →


1) Learn to prioritize

To improve yout time management skills, it is crucial to know how to make the difference between “urgent tasks” and “important tasks”. Don’t let pointless things distract you.

2) Don’t procastinate

Attend to necessary things immediately. If the tasks are important or urgent, get on with it. You will feel better afterwards when things are done. Procrastination is a productivity-killer.


3) Make lists

Try to have a record for all your activities and tasks to do. Make to-do lists everyday in order of importance. It will permit you to get things in their proper perspective. It makes you aware of what you are to do and also helps you to prioritize the first things to do, and the things you can actually do later.

4) Set up deadlines

Challenge yourself and don’t forget to reward you when you suceed at reaching your objectives. Be realistic but demanding of yourself.

5) Wake up early

The most sucessful achievers are those who wake up early. You are more energic, clear-headed and you’ll have more time to achieve your tasks. The early bird catches the worm.

6) Learn to say “no”

Even if it sounds hard, learn to politely say no to your family, friends, or other persons who propose you to do activities that will slow down you when you are overloaded with work.


7) Have a positive attitude

Being positive and optimistic will help you a lot to be more effective. A daily positive attitude will make you more productive. Your attitude determines your productivity.

8) Learn to delegate tasks

It’s important to delegate to be more effective. Learn to delegate your responsabilities to reliable and trustworthy persons. It will allow you to save time, achieve more, and increase your value.


9) Reward yourself

You’ve been working hard, and you achieved it. Don’t hesitate to celebrate it when you accomplished something. It will give you even more energy and motivation for the next things to do !


10) Don’t spare your health

Your health is important. You should not ignore your physical or mental health in favour of more ‘urgent’ activities.Take time for short breaks and to rest to be more effective for your tasks to come. Avoid the burn out: don’t try to force yourself to do the impossible. Leave you enough time for relaxation and reflexion.

By accomplishing your goals, you will influence your life in a positive way. You will feel less worried in a daily basis because you will know how to manage your time and respect the deadlines, which are often the cause of more stress, aggravation and worry. You will learn to be more positive and optimistic because you will know how to manage stress and anxiety.

In conclusion time management is the art and science of building a better life!


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Lyubomira Kirilova

Lyubomira Kirilova

Mira is a new member of UWN team. She recently graduated in International Relations and Journalism at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She is interested in cinema, literature and environmental issues. Based in London, she is presently blogging about current affairs and issues relating to women entrepreneurs.
Lyubomira Kirilova
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