Picking Up the Pieces

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Kathy-Nelson-BluInterview with Placida Acheru and Kathy Nelson

Topic: Picking Up the Pieces When Your World Falls Apart
Are you currently facing or have recently faced a difficult personal challenge? Is picking up the pieces after your world has fallen apart the space that you want to move into?

During this session women who find themselves faced with any one of life’s many challenges will learn they have the innate power, ability and strengths within themselves to overcome adversity. They’ll be inspired to connect with their inner guide and inner wisdom to make the choices that will take them out of whatever situation they find themselves in – moving them into the flow of creating a more supportive and wonderful life. BUY THIS RECORDING HERE

What the Listeners will learn:

  • Your life is not just happening to you. You are creating your future — paths, decisions, and choices of today are creating your tomorrows.
  • You have more courage, talents, strength and abilities than you can imagine. You are perfectly designed for your beautiful life and the gifts you bring to all.
  • When you become comfortable with uncertainty, risk is a bonus. It gets you going and builds momentum.
  • Letting go of fear moves you forward into new things – helping you heal, grow and expand.
  • To summarize, when your world falls apart it’s great to find the courage, joy and excitement to reinvent your life!


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About Kathy:

Kathy Nelson is known as the “Big Picture Coach”.  After achieving major success in the corporate world as a six-figure Business Development sales professional of San Diego Title companies, and as a San Diego County sales manager of a team of fifty, Kathy saw an opportunity to help other’s navigate the personal and professional stages of their lives–as she had successfully done. She reinvented herself with coaching education and certification.

As an accomplished speaker and author, Kathy’s coaching work has been featured in a variety of blogs and ezines as well as Good Housekeeping, Copley Press, San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Magazine, and most recently in the award-winning book “Heart of a Military Woman.” Kathy is recently published in, “The 365 Days of Gratitude”, by editor Donna Kozik. Kathy has appeared on ABC, NBC and CBS News and the Leeza Gibbons Show.

Kathy has built On Track Success Coaching over the last 16 plus years by helping many clients create their own “perfect” vision of life and successfully logging thousands of coaching hours.Kathy ignites and fuels her passion by helping people identify their values and strengths and weave their passion and purpose into their lives. She takes great joy in helping her clients build successful, satisfying careers and measurably improve their happiness, quality of life and prosperity.



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