Indulgence: how spending some me-time can improve your life

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It is no secret that many businesses operate in a predominantly masculine atmosphere. So, it comes as no surprise that many businesswomen feel a lot of pressure to match up to their male counterparts – as a result, they feel like they should focus on their career by escaping any traditional female activities that could make them look unprofessional or even too feminine. Here is why, you should not do that.

When you are so busy with building your career, having fun and relaxing easily stays behind. No wonder so many women in business suffer from stress and heart diseases – women’s health declines due to the pressure of juggling work and family.

Research shows that, as more and more women have been entering the work force in the last 50 years, labour has had a serious impact on their health by increasing levels of stress, smoking and drinking. As a result, according to the latest studies by the Office of National Statistics, the gap between male and female mortality rates has narrowed – that is, men are rapidly narrowing the gap on women in longevity.

All in all, if you neglect yourself now, you will definitely feel the consequences on your health in the long run. So, give yourself the permission to have a vibrant lifestyle now – not only are you going to feel better, but you are also going to be more productive at your workplace.

• Come to work well-rested. If you start your day already tired, your business is going to suffer. A good way to relax is to spend some time pampering yourself each week. Massages and manicures can do wonders, and you are going to end up looking and feeling better.
Indulge in activities that you love. Just because you have a heavy workload, does not mean you should neglect your hobbies and interests. Maybe you like cooking or baking, cycling or swimming – whatever it is, make sure you dedicate a part of your weekend to it.
• Get your mind off work – be it with painting, drawing, shopping or dancing – as a result, on Mondays you are going to be entering your office with a fresh mind, ready for the challenges of the new week.
• Stay in touch with your spiritual side. Trying yoga and meditation can go a long way as they can significantly reduce stress levels. Same goes for exercise.
• Every day is a chance to rest. Do not wait for the weekend, use every chance you have, to do something you like. For instance, doing as much as drinking a cup of black tea leads to greater feeling of relaxation. Simple acts such as chewing a gum, taking a nap or going out for a walk can reduce cortisol levels.
• Reward yourself magnanimously. As much as it is important to build your personal wealth, it is just as important to let yourself have that one luxurious thing that you had been aiming to possess for long. It could even be a holiday to that exotic location you had your eyes on. Make it an annual event. Give yourself the bonus you truly deserve!
So, do not hesitate to take some time out for yourself. As a working business woman, you have the right to indulge every once in a while – it is better for your health, and it is better for your business as well.

Do share with us what are your ways to enjoy yourself in the comment section below!

Lyubomira Kirilova

Lyubomira Kirilova

Mira is a new member of UWN team. She recently graduated in International Relations and Journalism at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She is interested in cinema, literature and environmental issues. Based in London, she is presently blogging about current affairs and issues relating to women entrepreneurs.
Lyubomira Kirilova

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