Feminine Pricing Power

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Miki-StrongInterview with Placida Acheru and Miki Strong
Topic: Feminine Pricing Power

Description: Women are societal glue. We’re healers, supporters, champions of the underdog, innovators, big-thinkers and feelers. We’re emotionally wired to connect. That’s what makes us extraordinary business leaders. But women notoriously under-charge for services, earning (on average) 30% less than men for the same work. It’s time to change that! Discover how to confidently step into leadership for your clients, your colleagues, and industry by earning your worth.


 What the Listeners will learn:
  • Why it’s critical to get your money ‘stuff’ sorted out NOW
  • How to recognize if you have low-pricing self-esteem (and how to say bye-bye to
  • What your prices say to potential clients
  • What your clients are really paying you for
  • The 7 Feminine Pricing Power Guidelines



About Miki Strong:

Miki started her first business at age twenty-two, after quitting her first (and only) “real job.” She has been writing her own rules ever since — and has been in business for 25 years.

She has served, and continues to serve, hundreds of clients and customers; generating multiple millions in revenue, collectively earned by her clients. She candidly admits that she has also made incalculable mistakes — except most of them she considers not really mistakes because she only made them once.

Miki has learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful + rich. But more importantly — what it takes to feel successful + rich; which she believes is ever-so-subtly different and so much better.



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