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Collaboration is a powerful tool that helps get you from A—B, and having the right connections, being surrounded by like minds, helps you begin to see the possibilities of growth beyond your imagination. You are able to tap into resources and networks that are unknown to you. Opportunities present themselves- “I have seen the light moments” begin to happen more.

The rapid growth of my business came about by recognizing and respecting the ideas, skills and knowledge of others and then trying to work with the experts in supporting mutual growth. I don’t believe or see competition; rather I believe in collaboration and see colleagues and potential partners.

The Unleashed Women’s Network is an environment where you can collaborate with other women in business to enable growth on every side.  We need it, you and I all know “No man is an Island” and there is no one great who did it all by themselves.

If you have the scrambling, grabbing and fighting mindset then you have a long way to go.  If you are also one who believes that helping others will make them better and higher than you then your business is about to go under. Growth comes from giving, serving, sharing and supporting, the list goes on.


* Who are you collaborating with today?

* Who are you rubbing minds with for your mutual success?

* Who are you empowering for tomorrows good?

* Do you have a support network?

* Are you actively involved in your support network?

Something for you to ponder.

Can we connect and collaborate today?

Friday’s are usually dedicated to collaboration within the Unleashed Women’s Network – We are inviting women from all nation to join us and connect with the other 1000+ women already in the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WomanPotentials/  When you join us, tell us about YOU so others in the group can get to know you.

Enjoy your Friend Day

Placida Acheru



If you need to know how to attract clients, get yourself known, target your market for optimum results, multiply your business cash flow, and find buddies you can bounce off ideas with, please go to Become a Member and sign up for our membership. You can’t go wrong with an investment of £10/month in the transformation of your life and business. Now is the TIME to SHINE and Unleash your greatest potential.

Placida Acheru

Placida Acheru

Placida Acheru is Founder of Unleashed Women’s Network.An Intuitive and Purpose Driven Business Development Strategist who lives her life supporting women business owners to systematically transform everyday into the power to create wealth. In her spare time, Placida relaxes by dancing salsa, walking and connecting with family.In her words “I love what I do”
Placida Acheru

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