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podcastmytime003Are you waking up each morning going to a job that you hate; and then walking into a house that you can hardly pay for with the money that you make from working in a job that you hate? That’s quite a vicious cycle and certainly, that is NOT just the way to live! Unfortunately, a lot of us find ourselves in this situation. The good news is, we can change this; and the power is in our hands. The key is overcoming fear derived from listening to the crippling negative voices around us — and following your passion. One must realize though that nothing happens overnight. But if you persist in the pursuit of your passion; you will soon find yourself living the life that you desired. In this episode of the Keep Your Dream Alive Podcast, Placida Acheru had quite a lively conversation with author, speaker and career shift coach, Joleene Moody, on how to step out of this mundane existence and step into a more fulfilling life.

From listening to the conversation, you will :

1. Find encouragement on how to muster courage to follow your passion and live inspired;

2. Gain an understanding on how to monetize your passion;

3. Learn what it takes to find or create speaking engagements to spread your message , and more.

Joleene MoodyAbout Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody is a client-closing expert, business coach and speaker for women entrepreneurs. She teaches creative coaches, consultants and professional service providers how to significantly increase their income to reach 6-figures or more in a short amount of time. Joleene specializes in helping these amazing women find or create speaking gigs that generate $5-figure paydays!

With her on-fire, no-nonsense comedic approach, Joleene energetically guides her clients through self-esteem, growth and money issues that may keep them from becoming the remarkable leaders they are meant to be!

Check out Joleene’s Convert The Room, a 5-week study course that shows coaches and consultants how to find and/or create speaking gigs that generate $5-figure paydays.

Grab this incredible opportunity and learn more valuable insights on how to take your business to greater heights by listening here:


available on Itunes

Contact Joleene:

Website: Joleene Moody

Facebook: facebook.com/joleenemoody

Twitter: @joleenespeaks

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joleenemoody/

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