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STEP 1. Cultivate a Good Attitude

take controlAttitude is an interesting mix of the clarity of your purpose, your passion, your calling and the unwavering belief you have on yourself. Since you cook this up yourself, you have the power to either pour out the kind of mix that drives excellence or one that is self-limiting. Yes it’s been said time and again and it’s true; doing the work you love for the right reasons and with the people who share your vision promotes success. As a coach who is in business because of your inherent skills; you have primary control on what direction your ship is going. Attitude is everything and it is essential that you cultivate one to become a successful coach.

STEP 2. Fill Your Pockets and Sharpen Your Saw

Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” None of us know everything. Thus, wefill your pockets should at most times, try to fill our pockets of ignorance. When Will Craig was first drawn to coaching, he had just completed his graduate work in education and human development. He knew he had a pretty good handle on personal growth and development but he also knew he had pockets of ignorance when it came to coaching. He just didn’t know how many or how deep they might be. It is important that not only should we enlighten ourselves; but we should also update what we know or the skills that we have acquired — sharpening the saw so to speak. Discover more knowledge and experiences that will equip you to be the best coach you could be.


STEP 3. Know and Own Your Market

know your marketThis is one way of establishing your credibility. You should have an in-depth understanding of your clients than anyone else. This is easily achieved if you identify your niche; or the people you want to serve. Developing a niche enables you to focus on their uniqueness and peculiarities. By drilling down to a small niche you can concentrate on the specific needs and unique challenges that these type of clients face. This way, you become better suited to help them. Not only will you be able to own your market, you will also be able to charge premium rates for your considerable expertise.


STEP 4. Appreciate and Value Yourself

To thyself always be true. Respect and appreciate your uniqueness. Prospects most often measure the value of yourvalue yourself services and products based on their perception of how you value yourself. The manner in which you run your business, i.e. the way your rates are set-up, the language you use in your website and the way you conduct yourself in a sample session, gives your client a picture of the person that you are. You can start with valuing your time and see how the rest of the puzzle falls through.

STEP 5. Live in Abundance

live in abundanceDevelop a mindset of prosperity. Staying small and playing it safe only promises mediocrity. As an entrepreneur, summon the depths of your creativity every day and manifest true prosperity and abundance in all facets of your life. Do not allow negativity to dominate your thoughts about wealth and money creation. Doing so cuts yourself off from the incredible potential that is available through the power of positive thinking and abundant living.


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