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video marketingHave you ever heard about Video Marketing? Ever wondered what it is? In this post we will not only explain what it is but, also give you 30 reasons why it is so important for your business.

Video marketing simply means to create, upload videos on your website, social media and other video streaming sites to inform the public at large about your company, products and services.

It is a valuable tool in business for the following reasons:


Video marketing gives you a global audience. The world is going digital and more and more people are becoming tech savvy each day. In today’s business environment, traditional marketing channels like print, TV, and radio are less useful in reaching your target audience across the globe. Video Marketing beats this constraint & makes it easy to reach maximum people in minimum time.


In comparison to other marketing channels, Video Marketing is inexpensive. It is the best tool available for small businesses to reach maximum people at a lesser cost. Even a short 2 minute home-made video can create a lot of buzz in the market.

3. You remember what you SEE more than what you READ or HEAR

This is how our brain functions. What we see has more impact than what we hear or read. Videos are full of facial expressions, actual voice, emotions and movement. Hence, Video Marketing creates more impact.

4. Says a MILLION WORDS in a single minute

How much can you write about your company, product & services? Can you write a million words in a minute’s time? Video Marketing does that. It says a million words in a single minute. In fact, it speaks more than just words.

5. Today’s market is an ONLINE market

According to Internet world stats, as of 31st December 2013, there were 2,802,478,934 internet users across the world. The total internet user’s growth since 2000 to 2014 has been by 676.3%. The figures say it all. It means if you are not using online video marketing, you are missing out on reaching these many numbers.


Video Marketing brings quick & good results. Want proof? Statistics by Online Publishers Association say that 80% of internet users recall a video ad they had watched on a website they visited in past 30 days and out of these 80%, 46% took action.

7. More than just online

A video can also be included in an introductory email or a marketing email. This can increase click through rates to your website. A video included in an introductory email also reduces the number of subscriber drop outs, gives high engagement rates and higher conversion rates.

8. Builds TRUST

Video Marketing builds trust about your brand. It has a human touch to it. When your video shows real people talking positively about your business & products, it creates trust in the minds of viewers. More trust equals more leads and more leads equals more sales.

9. Video Testimonials generates more CONFIDENCE

Customer testimonials play a very important role in convincing your potential customers. Video testimonials are far more effective than text testimonials. This is because people can easily relate to the other real person talking positively about your brand rather than just seeing a picture of the person with his testimonial in some newspaper or a magazine.

10. FUN to watch

Why do people spend so much time on internet? Why do they visit social media websites so often? The primary reason for most of them is that they get entertained. Videos can provide a lot of information about your business without losing the creativity and amusement they are intended to provide their audiences.


11. Growing usage of Mobiles & Tabletsvideo marketing

Gone are the days when people preferred to read books, newspapers & magazines to keep themselves updated! Technology has taken over rapidly. Today even a school going child has his personal mobile & tablet. It has been noted that there has been tremendous rise in use of play videos & mobile apps such as Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and so on. Most of the content exchanged on these apps are in video format.

12. Rising trend of ‘Explainer’ videos

Explainer Videos use animation or actual people to do storytelling. These videos are the best way to promote your products & services because they are short, entertaining and they convey marketing message in a very unique way. Here is an example

13. Better understanding of a Product

Video Marketing provides a better understanding of products to the viewers. Videos can be effectively used for product demonstrations of complicated products. When a viewer understands the product completely, he can analyze the product benefits himself which further leads to increase in purchase of the product.

YouTube14. YouTube – Worlds 2nd most visited Search Engine

When was the last time you visited YouTube to check out a new happening in video? I do it every day. And not only me, there are a million others who turn to YouTube for some entertainment. YouTube rankings are proof that these days’ people watch more and read less. As YouTube is largely about videos, it shows us the true potential of videos to pull traffic. So if you want to pull traffic to your website, do Video Marketing.

15. 100 MILLION Potential Viewers

Did you know, as per a recent survey there are 100 million internet users who watch online video each day? There are many who watch videos related to products & services. With so many potential viewers, it would be very wise to tap into Video Marketing to help your business.

16. Commercials for FREE

Don’t have enough money for TV ads? Don’t worry! You can create and upload a video as short as 15 seconds on Instagram to get free publicity for your products. Instagram has 40 million followers and that’s a really good number of potential audiences for your product marketing video. Eager to reach this audience? Start creating and uploading videos on Instagram now!

17. Video Marketing improves SEO

Are you worried about your SEO rankings? Want to appear on the top 5 search results? Video Marketing can do it for you. Videos make people click, keep visitors engaged on your web page and people create links to your content. Links bring in more website visitors. Thus, quality video marketing helps to improve SEO.


Good news! Videos do not have an expiry date. Once a video is uploaded on social media, it continues to pull new viewers for years and years. Just one small effort of creating and uploading a video can bring in new viewers every day and increase your leads & finally grow your sales.

19. Builds RELATIONSHIPS with Potential clients

Relationship building is a very important part of marketing. You buy from those you trust. You can always create your introductory video talking directly to your potential clients about your business goals, vision, mission and sometimes even future business plans. Videos can enforce your message. It can be used in number of different ways like creating a business video card or as a welcome video on your website.


These days, we all resort to online search for products and services we intend to buy. Social Media does not only affect Google search results but it also can be an entry point for your website or web page. Videos get ranked high in Google search results.


21. Videos can be EASILY SHARED

Videos are easy to share. Almost every social networking website includes a share option for its posts or content. Video sharing on social media is very common these days. Fast video sharing on social media makes the videos go viral and spreads the video message to large number of people within seconds


People like to comment on videos. These comments can help you with consumer research. You will get quick reactions to the uploaded video. Comments might be both positive & negative. This will help you find out how your product or offering fairs in the market. Are people enjoying your video? What do they like most in your video? Is it the animation or the content? Do they like the product offered? Do they understand the product properly? And so on.

23. Videos are MEASURABLE

Videos are easily measurable. You can know the number of people who watched your video. You can also know how many liked it and how many disliked it. This quantitative data related to your video’s success can actually help you to plan your sales and grow your business.

smartphone24. Videos are MOBILE

Videos are better accessible than other modes of marketing. A person does not carry a TV or a magazine wherever he goes but he will surely carry his cell phone, tablet or laptop. Thus, he stays connected 24/7. He has access to all social media websites and numerous applications on his cell phone and this access to social media websites means access to videos as well.

25. Makes a positive impact on your brand

Use of videos along with content in your marketing strategy can create great results and generate a positive impact on your brand. People should change with time and so should businesses. A business that still uses old traditional methods of marketing to attract its tech savvy audience will result in a total failure; and will also create a negative impact for the business organization.

26. It is being used by your COMPETITORS

93% of marketing professionals use online video marketing to help grow their businesses says a 2013 video marketing trend report. By doing so, they have created a social media presence on all the platforms. So what are you waiting for?

27. Sales Booster

A video ad with a good sales pitch and a call to action can generate more sales than an ad with pictures and information.

28. Recreate in-store experience for the Customers

Videos help to recreate in-store experiences for the potential customers. As more people today prefer to shop online, product videos help to create that virtual store experience.

29. Helps get the most of Third Party sites

Video Marketing helps to drive traffic to your website from third party sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Thus, it leads to more website traffic.

30. Accessible on all the devices.

Videos can be watched on smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart TV and any other device having an internet connection. More access and wider reach leads to increase in viewers which can get converted into potential buyers.

These reasons and more should make you consider incorporating video marketing into your marketing strategy now. This is the best time to get those video cameras and other video apps rolling.



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