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Unleashed women’s network helps women to live a positive, happy and fulfilling life. We provide our members with in depth trainings to help them expand their horizon, create the right opportunities to exchange ideas, information & build useful business contacts which may get converted into lucrative business partnerships.

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The Unleashed Women’s Network provides support for women who want to Succeed at Entrepreneurship and in making transformational changes from the inside out. We believe in the empowerment of women, equipping them with skills and tools to help them Start, Grow and Expand existing businesses.


We take pride in our great success of building Entrepreneurial visions and transforming lives. We bring a complete changeover helping women to unleash their true potential and become what they always wanted to be. A woman with power to empower others! A woman radiating with success and happiness in all areas of life.


Women who become part of our membership get exclusive access to Business development trainings, mentoring and resources in our member’s area. Register to become a member and get the support you need to grow a successful business.

Our members are provided with excellent trainings which are very thorough, getting them to expand their horizon and launch out at their very best.

If you sometimes ask these questions…

  • How do I make a sale this month?
  • What is the best way to manage my time as a woman working solo?
  • How can I Identify sound business opportunities in a competitive market?
  • How do I build a mailing list?
  • How do I get Funding?
  • How do I get started with Online Marketing?
  • How do I charge what I am worth?

We would love to help you resolve your pressing issues.


Become a member today.

Get access to training provided by expert business mentors.

One-to-one coaching, masterclasses, workshops and resources.

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Wow! Business Clinic

The fastest way to grow in business is through collaborative and referral support.

Our Business clinic creates more opportunities for your business to generate sales, improve your skills and establish Joint venture relationships.

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Business Development Programs

Develop your business to its full potential. Start, Launch and Grow your business with our intensive development programs.

Our programs will provide you the key tools to grow a successful business in these changing times.

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What our clients say

Placida Acheru - the world, and my life, is a better and bright place for having you in it. Thank you! x

Nicci Fletcher   

I am really excited to be part of the Unleashed Women's Network.
I loved your telesummit and am honored to be in your network.

Dyanne Joyner   

Thank you Placida Acheru for reaching out and being brave. I love your essence and the way you have been able to bring together a group of amazing women. Because of you I now have an adopted UK sister called Nicci. It is without a doubt I believe you and I were meant to connect - and I look forward to building a big future..xxx

CM Meredith   

"When we think about the sun...what do we imagine?
The sun signifies greatness - given it is the largest object in the solar system.
In its greatness is the capacity to continuously emit bright light.
"Bright lights never seize to lighten our paths.
Placida, you have chosen to bring light to the lives of many.
May God continue enhance your knowledge and renew your strengths and ideas as the days
go by."

Esther Onolememen   
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