accepting challengesLife is full of surprises. Life is full of choices. Life too, is full of challenges. So as much as we are surprised (pleasantly or not) or are faced with choices; challenges are also inevitable. Have you ever taken a challenge lately? Riding on the widely viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, has someone nominated you to take it on perhaps? It really is quite remarkable how our social media feeds have suddenly been proliferated with images and videos of people dousing themselves with cold water, don’t you think so?

Taking this said phenomenon into perspective, we may wonder — what is it in challenges that make people rise up to it? Challenges take on many forms. It can either be a call or an invitation to participate in a contest; overcome difficulties to meet a set of objectives or an objection or query on the truth of something with a demand for proof. One thing is certain, taking on a challenge changes you. This is one of the greatest things about being human; we have the power to make changes in our lives. So why do people rise up to challenge? I daresay it is because they want to make changes in their lives, in other people’s lives, in their community or in the world at large.Choices

How we respond to a challenge reveals a lot about our attitude and perceptions of life. If we greet new challenges with an; “Oh no, another one?! Will they ever stop coming?”, reveals a state of negativity and a limiting attitude. If on the other hand we consider challenges as opportunities, then we have a healthy degree of optimism; a sense of openness and joy to life and whatever it offers. An attitude of negativity will not attract happiness and abundance. We have to train ourselves to respond positively or at least neutrally to the challenges that come our way. Wouldn’t you rather live life in an upbeat tempo?

Accepting a challenge, particularly a personal challenge, also promotes growth. How often do we tell ourselves that we could have done better on something? One way of optimizing our potential and avoiding asking ourselves this question is by setting goals and challenging ourselves. Open yourself to trying out new things and pushing yourself into undertakings that test your skills and broaden your horizons. Whether you like it or not, challenges will definitely come your way. So, the next time one comes along, just keep calm and accept the challenge.


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