Every Tuesday we share with you a short review of a business book as our book recommendation of the week. This week we like Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing. 

Promising to be the ultimate guide to making more money and attracting more costumers, 80/20 Sales and Marketing aims to teach you how by applying just one simple principle to your business you can succeed.

The 80/20 rule, also knows as the Pareto Principle, says that regardless of city or country, 20% of the people earned 80% of the income. According to Perry Marshal (the famed marketing consultant and author of the book), the Pareto Principle is true for almost all areas in business. That is, 20% of your work gives 80% of your results and you should apply that rule to everything you do in order to be successful.

Basically, the effective 20% deserves far more of your time than the ineffective 80% – once you realize that and you adopt that thinking into your life, you will become more efficient and you will ultimately increase your income. In his book, Perry Marshal explains the value of 80/20 in a simple, accessible way by providing plenty of case studies and details on how to apply it to a specific area of business. Moreover, the book is a good step-by-step guide as it is broken down into bite-sized chapters. It focuses on issues such as effective time management and the value of productive time.

In order to help you apply the 80/20 principle, the book also comes with a useful 80/20 software tool – it allows sellers to uncover how to swash time-wasters, gain coveted positions on search engines and differentiate themselves from competitors. A Marketing DNA Test is also included to assess one’s natural selling assets. Another online tool – “The 80/20 Power Curve” enables you to make large predictions based on small amounts of data.

This, in addition to the book, makes 80/20 Sales and Marketing the perfect read for anyone who is in the sales industry and who is just starting their own business, or is looking for a way to increase income in an already existing one.

If you are interested in learning more, you can get the book here.

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Placida Acheru

Placida Acheru

Placida Acheru is Founder of Unleashed Women’s Network.An Intuitive and Purpose Driven Business Development Strategist who lives her life supporting women business owners to systematically transform everyday into the power to create wealth. In her spare time, Placida relaxes by dancing salsa, walking and connecting with family.In her words “I love what I do”
Placida Acheru

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